Why Wait for Thanks-Giving?

You Already Know How To Do This

The Role of Brainwaves in Meditation: Part II

The Role of Brainwaves in Meditation: Part I

Synchronizing Your Energy to New Potentials

Pushing Past the Layers

The Next Level

Emotions Are Not Your Enemy: Part 2

Emotions Are Not Your Enemy: Part l

Back to Basics

Unlocked and Ready to Go

Part II. The Think Box vs. Play Box

Part1. The Think Box (3D) vs. Play Box (5D)

Have You Been Affected by GOLOV-20?

Results From a Year-long Practice of Coherence Healing


Homeland Security and Boosting Your Immune System With Love: Part ii

Homeland Security and Boosting Your Immune System With Love Part I.

Quantifying Transformation and Telling the Story: Part II

Part I . Quantifying Transformation and Telling the Story

Seeing Is Believing

Emotions as Tools of Creation (Part II)

Emotions as Tools of Creation (Part I)

Making Change Stick - Tips on How to Beat Those New Year’s Resolution Blues

Jackson Pollock’s Journey Towards Fractals

Forgiving the Past to Create the Future

A Day in No Time

The Purpose of the Kaleidoscope and Why We Use It

Sowing the Seeds of Our Future, One Child at a Time

Evidence Speaks Louder Than Words

Adding Nutrition to Balance the Body

A Return to Scientific Testing

Introducing Blessing of the Energy Centers VIII

Change the Box, Change Your Reality: Part III

Change the Box, Change Your Reality: Part II

Change Your Box, Change Your Reality: Part I

For Those Of You Feeling Stuck In Your Life

Emotional Rescue (Not the Rolling Stones kind)

Heal Yourself, Heal Others: Part II

The Four Pillars of Healing

The Thought of You

Taking Time Out From Technology to Change

Becoming Divine

Chronic Depression Disappears With Placebo

Mind is the Brain at Work

The Brain: A Record of the Past or the Map to the Future?

The Waves of the Future

Can You Change Your Brain by Thinking Differently?

A Quick Overview of the Brain

Evolve Your Brain

Heal Yourself, Heal Others: Part I

Are You Ready to Break Your Four-Minute Mile?

The Art of Change

New Studies Continuously Point to the Efficacy of Meditation

If You’re Waiting, You’re Not Creating

New Measurements, New Possibilities: Part II.

Creating the Greatest Ideal of Yourself

New Measurements, New Possibilities: Part I.

Change the Field, Change Matter: Part II

Change the Field, Change Matter:

Free Will or Predeterminism? Join the 28-Day Challenge to Find Out.

A Practical Guide to Chasing the Mystical

Great Books To Start Off a Great Year

Year End Roundup: An Interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza (Part II)

Year End Roundup: An Interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza (Part I)

Life - The Great Initiation

Thanksgiving and Authentic Gratitude

Moving On and Getting Over Part II

Moving On and Getting Over

The First Open-Label Placebo Study Produces Remarkable Results

Prayer Changes Everything Part II

Prayer Changes Everything

Kidnapped by Technology

Creating a New Baseline of Love Begins in the Heart

Accessing the Infinite Database

A Review of The New Human Story

Up Close and Personal with Dr. Joe: An Interview (Part II)

Up Close and Personal: An Interview with Dr. Joe (Part I)

Let Your Past Life be a Past Life

Coming Home: Tips for Integrating Your New Personality Into Your Old Personal Reality

The Anatomy of a Miracle

When You Stop Looking and Start Becoming

Good Friends Are All About Good Chemistry

Part II. One foot in the quantum world.

One Foot in the Real World, One Foot in the Quantum World

The Habit of Your New Self

You want to change your life? It starts by making a different choice

Processing A Biological Upgrade

A Divine Love Affair

A New Level of Initiation-Tarragona, Spain

The Balance Between Intention and Surrender

Are you living in lack or living in wholeness?

Three Simple Steps to Start the New Year

The Unknown Will Never Let You Down: Part II

The Unknown Will Never Let You Down: Part I.

Part II. Awaking in the Dream from the Dream: Why We’re Learning Lucid Dreaming

Part I. Awakening in the Dream from the Dream: DreamTime

Staying Calm in the Eye of the Storm

What We Accomplished in the Last Five Years

Telomeres: The Biological Clock in Our Genetics

Developing a Personal Relationship with the Divine

What's the Gray in our Gray Matter?

To Say We Are All Connected Is Not Simply Hyperbole

Three Simple Steps Towards Happiness

The Pugilist and the Ego

The Positive Effects of Yoga and Meditation at the Molecular Level

An Invitation to watch the new documentary HEAL

The Reason Why Kindness Makes Us Happy

Through Initiation Comes Mastery

The Wisdom of Nature

Peering into the Universe’s Origins with the Webb Telescope

Accessing the Heart’s Intelligence

The Magic of Intuition Is Not Magic

Yoga: Good For the Body and the Brain

What does the spike in the Schumann resonance mean?

United in Blooms of Consciousness

Reflections on last Sunday’s Project Coherence

From Victim to Victor: Becoming the Initiate of Your Life

‘Tis the Season to Emulate the Divine

Remember To Thank Your Future Self This Holiday Season

The Power of Gratitude

How To Become That Which We Are Seeking

Leaving the Nest

Practical Tips to Living an Abundant Life

The Nature of Nurture and the Nurture of Nature

Navigating the Labyrinth of the Unknown

Entangled Minds

Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives

Be a Part of Scientific History

Creating Your Future - One Step at a Time

The Greatest Unsolved Mystery—Evolution

The Magical Language of Serendipity and Synchronicity

Demystifying the Meditation Process

Making the Present the Present

New LSD Study Provides Insight into Higher States of Consciousness

The Fishing For Your Future Challenge

How do you motivate motivation?

Getting Clear On Your Vision

Firing Up The Networks and Stepping Up the Game

The Placebo Goes Mainstream

Finding Love in the Field

Part II. Aligning Your Environments To Tomorrow’s You

A New Year and a New You: An Inspiring and Expiring View of Our Environments

Pulling the Mind Out of December's Body

Playing in the Field

My Thoughts on the Global Meditation

Are You Old?: How Your Thinking Impacts Your Age

Cross Your Fingers, Knock on Wood: Do Superstitions Work?

The Frequency of Life

Global Meditation & The Crisis in Europe: How You Can Help

Your Mind as Medicine: Healing with Placebo

Creating More Surprises and Fewer Mistakes

Harnessing Your Energy

Can the Mind Heal Parkinson's?

Biophotons: The Light in Our Cells

Changing Bad to Good: How Expectations Influence Behavior

The Anatomy of Anxiety

100 experts, authors and spiritual teachers covering multiple topics including, physical, mental and emotional health, spirituality, prosperity, relationships and self-empowerment.

Observing the Supernatural: My Reflections on Carefree

Playing Your Brain’s Symphony: Staying in Tune

Have you had a personal encounter with God or a Higher Power?

Telomeres: What Does a Lobster Know That You Don’t Know?

The Gratitude Challenge

Our Spring Ezine Has Arrived!

Do You Get What You Expect?

What We Can Learn from Animals

Understanding Will

The Power of Visualization: Russell Wilson Visualizes Seahawks Win!

Award Winning Independent Film from Bucharest Romania Launches in US: Tour Begins in Sedona Arizona, March 5, 2015

Understanding Resolutions and How to Keep Them

Santa Claus and the Magic Mushrooms

There Was Nothing magical about the Band-Aid. Or Was There?

Trailer From Documentary: "Your Life, Your Creation" Featuring Dr. Joe

A Special Thanksgiving Message From Dr. Joe!

The Nocebo Response

Journey to the Netherworld: The Advanced Followup in Seattle

E-Motion: The Movie ~ Watch Online Today

Dr. Joe is #1 in Spain!

Raiders/Ravers/Meditators weekend in Freaky Seattle!

Creating Lasting Change

Watch Wounda the chimpanzee hug Jane Goodall after being released into the Wild

Our Story In 2 Minutes

The passing of a legend - Dr. Masaru Emoto, "the water doctor" dies

You are the Placebo: Psychosomatic Blindness