You Already Know How To Do This

Posted by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Nov 20, 2020 3:06:05 PM

In teaching this work, I often find that people have trouble wrapping their head around the idea of becoming no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time. Of course, learning anything new in the beginning is going to be hard, but consider that you already know how to do this—and consider that youve already done it thousands of times. What am I talking about? Falling asleep.

When you begin the process of becoming no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time, what youre essentially doing is the same thing you do every night when you go to sleep. You get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, see blackness, and stop thinking—that's it. As you slide down the scale of brainwave frequencies into deep sleep, you move from beta to alpha to theta to delta. And if youre not too stressed out, it happens rather quickly.

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Pushing Past the Layers

Posted by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Sep 25, 2020 9:58:58 AM

Sometimes in my meditations, I get to what I call the layer. The layer is when you’re reaching, creating, or intending for that new future, event, or possibility, but perhaps your body wants to quit, your mind is reeling with to-do lists, you’re filled with doubt and frustration, or that internal voice questions whether your efforts will actually produce any results. We could call that journey through these layers, that journey through the veils, stepping into the unknown. By pressing on into the discomfort of uncertainty—or breaking out of our body’s familiar biology, neurocircuitry, neurochemistry, genetic propensities, and/or emotional conditioning—we are venturing beyond the known self for a glimpse of the unknown. In a sense, we are asking, “Who am I?”

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Unlocked and Ready to Go

Posted by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Jul 17, 2020 12:33:28 PM

In April, we created an online workshop called InnerMission, followed by GOLOVE-20, followed by U-Inspire-Me. The intent of creating all these free online programs was to not let any of the circumstances in our current environment create additional division. The goal was to unify our community in this unprecedented time of fear and separation. More than 17,000 people from our Week Long and 5-day advanced workshops attended InnerMission, and more than 600,000 people participated in the GOLOVE-20 and U-Inspire-Me programs.

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