Why Wait for Thanks-Giving?

Posted by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Dec 4, 2020 3:44:26 PM

Finding time during the holiday season to give thanks for the things we have in our lives, the things we look forward to receiving, and the gift we give others with our love, attention, and presence puts us in the perfect state for growth, repair, regeneration, and receiving. How so?

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Topics: Gratitude, practice

The Next Level

Posted by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Sep 11, 2020 1:11:29 PM

The quantum model of reality states that the generous present moment is the place where all possibilities exist.

When in meditation, to enter the eternal now (the only place the unknown truly exists) requires us to get beyond our known associations to the various people, objects, things, and places in our life. These external reflections of our environment—in addition to the emotions, and drives of our body—must be overcome in order for us to break free from our conditioned experience of linear time, the totality of which constitutes the known familiar past and predictable future. When achieved, the result creates brain and heart coherence, causing people to relax so deeply into their inner world that they lose track of space and time. In turn, they disassociate from everything familiar in the material 3D world.

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Topics: Quantum Field, Mystical, practice

Emotions Are Not Your Enemy: Part 2

Posted by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Aug 28, 2020 10:39:18 AM

Emotions Are Not Your Enemy: Part 2

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Topics: Emotion, Healing, Mastery, Heart, Quantum Field, The Brain, practice

Unlocked and Ready to Go

Posted by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Jul 17, 2020 12:33:28 PM

In April, we created an online workshop called InnerMission, followed by GOLOVE-20, followed by U-Inspire-Me. The intent of creating all these free online programs was to not let any of the circumstances in our current environment create additional division. The goal was to unify our community in this unprecedented time of fear and separation. More than 17,000 people from our Week Long and 5-day advanced workshops attended InnerMission, and more than 600,000 people participated in the GOLOVE-20 and U-Inspire-Me programs.

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